Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 - Starting over - 32 cranes total

Yesterday I was happy to find that there are kits made specifically for those interested in folding 1000 cranes. Luckily, a local art shop had one of the kits available for just under $15.

The kit came complete with 1,020 3" squares of origami paper in 20 different bright colors, as well as string and beads for hanging together the cranes. The kit is designed to produce 25 strings of 40 cranes in a rainbow gradient. The extra 20 sheets, presumably, are to allow for mistakes.

Despite having already made 12 paper cranes from blank scrap paper, I decided to set them aside and start over with the brightly colored paper from the kit. I folded 16 cranes yesterday and another 16 today. I plan on folding another 8 tomorrow which will allow me to string the first group of 40 cranes.

3" cranes are rather small and, according to the kit instructions, a single string of cranes is supposed to be 3 feet long. As each string is created, the bulk of the overall group will increase, though it shouldn't take up too much room.

My crane folding pace will slow to the projected 3 crane per day rate after classes begin on Monday.

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