Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 51 - 8 strings finished - 320 cranes total

Last Saturday, I was completely overwhelmed by much work I had to do for my advanced linear algebra course. It wasn't the volume so much as the fact that the proofs were becoming frustratingly difficult to complete. I ended up doing absolutely no homework on Saturday and opted instead to watch television and movies while folding cranes.

I knew that I had a statistics midterm coming up and when I checked the class schedule on Saturday evening, I was somewhat mortified to discover that the midterm was on Monday. I decided then that I was going to have to drop the advanced linear algebra course and spend Sunday studying for my stats midterm.

And study I did. I studied all day Sunday and went to bed shortly after midnight and it paid off. I aced my stats midterm with a score of 50/50, though I didn't find out until Wednesday.

When I did my undergraduate degree, I did it for the same reason that I believe most people do. To get a good job. Well, I've had a good job for a few years now and when I went back to school last Fall, I did so with the intention of enjoying my studies. As interesting as the linear algebra material was, I wasn't enjoying myself and didn't have much personal time. So, I dropped the class yesterday afternoon and now have a manageable weekend ahead of me. While I'm out the money I paid for the course, I consider that better than failing and being miserable in the meantime.

Last night I went to Ignite 5 at the Bagdad Theater and had a great time listening to 18 different speakers. Each speaker had five minutes to give their presentation which was accompanied by a total of 20 slides which advanced one by one every 15 seconds. Most of the talks were very entertaining, especially the one titled How to kill four chickens in three years. Less entertaining was the monotone voiced girl speaking about being a bicycle commuting parent. She essentially read crappy pseudo poetry from her slides and part way through her presentation, I excused myself to use the restroom.

I've only got a few statistics homework problems to do and a full weekend with which to do them. I'm tempted to go hiking on Sunday, though it depends on the weather.

I got my federal tax return today, though nearly all of it will go to the University to repay the financial aid I received for the linear algebra course.

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